5 Cool Gadgets That Won’t Leave You Broke

RCA EZ200 it´s a mini camcorder

RCA EZ200 is one of many cool gadgets

Having cool gadgets is great. However, these devices can also put a good dent on your finances. So how do you settle your love for these cool toys and your need to be financially healthy? The answer is simple: Focus on cool gadgets that will not leave you broke. There are currently 5 great gadgets to choose from that will not hurt your wallet.

1 – The RCA EZ200

Think of a cool device that will cost you $200. If you cannot think of you then let me help you by suggesting the RCA Small Wonder EZ200. It is a small device colloquially called as a flip video. It is a mini camcorder that allows you to capture any of your life’s most memorable moments. Compared to typical camcorders, the EZ200 is much smaller and lighter which allows you to carry it anywhere and in any special event.

2 – The USB Lighter

Imagine a gadget that can store data and light your cigar. That is the USB cigarette lighter. I personally think that there is no other gadget as cool and useful as this one. At $40.00, it is very affordable making it a must have for every techie guy who loves to smoke.

3 – The USB Wall Socket

Having a USB socket on the wall is very practical

Having a USB socket on the wall is very practical

In the world of smartphones, tiny music players and the like, the demand for USB sockets go beyond that of computers and laptops. It is now a must in homes just like sockets for power plugs. This means that you must have the USB wall socket. You need to charge your phone but your laptop is still in your bag upstairs? Then you can just plug your phone’s usb cable on the usb socket on the wall. The gadget will cost you $25.00 plus installation fees. Overall, you will be spending less than $100.

4 – The Melting Clock

This is not actually a melting clock

This is not actually a melting clock

The melting clock is not actually a device that melts. It just looks like its melting. But having one in your home just makes it more interesting. Think about a friend visiting you and starts looking for a clock to know the time of day. And he or she sees the melting clock. Your friend would be staring at it and wonder if the clock is really melting. You do not even have to worry about the price. At $11.00 it is a wonderfully cheap gadget to have.

5 – Surface Clean

Gadgets also get dirty from dust and smudges. So how do you clean them properly? The answer is by using the Surface Clean. It is very effective at cleaning just about every gadget in the face of this earth. And you can have it for the low price of $50.00.

These are the 5 cool gadgets that you can have without becoming broke. So start looking for these 5 now. You can even get one as a present to a friend or love one.

Making Wedding Proposals Special And Memorable

Every happy couple dreams with this moment

Every happy couple dreams of this moment

Would you like to level up your relationship by tying the knot? For men, wedding proposals are the most challenging yet the most exciting moments that they need to face just to make their partners their legal wives. What fears them most is being rejected. The big challenge is to make the wedding proposal romantic, sweet, memorable and more importantly, getting a “yes”.

Things to Ponder in Planning Wedding Proposals

Readiness is a big factor when it comes to marriage. You should not just think only about yourself but also your partner to whom you want to spend your lifetime. Wedding proposals are serious matters because it is the gateway to another page of your lives. Therefore, it is important that you plan everything carefully to make the occasion your shining moment.

Plan your wedding proposal carefully

Plan your wedding proposal carefully

You need to decide if you want it to be public or just private. What matters most is how you would plan every detail of it to make all work as what you want it to be. It would be helpful on your part to think of the woman you loved most. She should be your inspiration. It would be a lot easier to compose your wedding proposal plan considering all the things that would make your partner happy.

Budget has a big impact in your plans. However, getting a “yes” does not require expensive wedding proposal arrangements. You just need to be more creative so
that everything would be suited on the budget allotted.

Wedding Proposals – Unique, Fun, Memorable

If you want to impress your partner, be sure you will not propose using those common stuffs. She will never be surprised because she might just saw that already on movies. Put some twist on everything so that she will never have any idea on your big surprise.

1) Treasure hunting is a cool wedding proposal because you can customize your trail to make it more fun and exciting for the both of you.

2) Propose while on the plane just 20,000 ft above the ground, so that it would feel like heaven.

3) Writing a love letter is never a cheap proposal. To make a twist, put it near her bed and when she wakes up, write something on the letter that you are leaving and the only way to stop you is marriage. This could be blackmail maybe but still a very sweet gesture.
There are still hundreds of ways to propose to your partner. You can search the Internet, ask some other friends and compile those ideas to make your own.

Why do you need to make your wedding proposal special?

It has to be a very special marriage proposal

Make it a very special marriage proposal

Indeed, wedding proposal is just a way of asking permission or inviting your partner to join you in a married life. However, you should not forget that weddings are special events especially for women. Making your wedding proposal memorable is just one way of letting your partner know how much you are willing to give just to make her happy.

It is also good when you reach your old days, to look back and recall, those happy moments you have done for each other when you were still young.

Eating Right To Lose Weight

Lose weight eating the right way

Lose weight eating the right way

Weight loss and the corresponding requirements it puts on people’s diets are a big issue in most if not all 21st century communities. Of course this comes on the backdrop of reliable information that extols the advantages of keeping an average body weight. Losing weight works to prevent accumulation of fat in all the unwanted places and in the process averting life threatening situations like heart disease. In this whole debate, the importance of keeping the heart safe seems very important because even fat accumulation on the belly can spell disaster.

Lose that bag of chips

Potato chips are the biggest components of the most loved diet for people on the go, fast food. They also do the worst damage when culprits responsible for belly fat are called to answer. they are unhealthy mainly because of the fats they are made in. the hydrogenated fats used in making potato chips catalyzes cholesterol buildup and contribute actively to both weight gain and heart disease. Potato chips fried by other oils are just as bad as they have a high concentration of these oils. Potato lovers should steer clear of the fried type and if they must, go for the baked potato chips instead.

Honestly, no pun intended!

Your diet has a side effect on your body, if it´s good or bad it will depend on what you eat

Your diet has a side effect on your body, if it´s good or bad it will depend on what you eat

Losing weight is largely dependent on having a healthy diet. Pancakes make a wonderful addition to the breakfast table but unfortunately miss the cut for appropriate calorie’ food items. Pancakes are even more trouble when you take them with syrup; this combination is the easiest way to accumulating weigh especially around the belly region. Occasional light pancakes may be all right but it is advisable to replace these high calorie food items with vegetables, whole grains and proteins instead. Lite milk for instance can fend off a craving for pancakes and provide friendly sugar in the process.

Keep off the soda road

Soda is unhealthy in two ways; it is full of empty calories and enhances accumulation of belly fat. The empty calories are the chief ingredients of weight gain. Soda also has obscene amounts of sugars; corn syrup, fructose and all the additives are major culprits. The problem with these sugars is the trouble they create for a system that is not built to burn them off just fast enough. They therefore end up piling around the mid-section plus the corn syrup makes you obese. Diet sodas are not any good either because contrary to popular lore, they have a good proportion of artificial sweeteners which in turn are very unhealthy.


Change your diet and get healthier

Change your diet and get healthier

The list of food items you do not want to touch while seeking to loose weigh are numerous but these three sure top. Still, it makes a lot of sense keeping tabs of what you take and avoiding snacks especially when they are not necessary. The road to healthy weight loss however is more than just food. While keeping track of what goes in, do also pay attention to the subtle needs of the body like exercising and keeping fit.

Beware: You Might be Spending More Money than You Realize!

If you don´t spend wisely you are burning your money

If you don´t spend wisely you are burning your money

It’s all about the money. These days, more and more people are encouraged to save, and many more are getting aware of how they can save money. With the state of the economy, we can’t afford to find ourselves penniless especially for reasons we can’t control. For all we know, we might be spending a lot more on things than we’re supposed to. Beware; the list below details some of the things we might be unnecessarily putting our money on.

Electric Bill

It looks like it’s a necessity but we might be using energy more than necessary. This is why energy-saving tips abound. That old fridge can cause us to save a hundred dollars per year if we get it replaced with something that has an energy-saving technology. We might have chosen to buy an electric stove when we already have gas. Finally, we might be forgetting to turn off something that we do not use.

Credit Card Bill

Control the use of your credit cards

Control the use of your credit cards

The idea of paying our monthly dues makes our pockets a little lighter. But why keep paying interest along with it when we can pay for something in full without paying extra? The idea is to pay most of our credit card balance and cut short the time that we need to pay interest. On top of that, we might also not be maximizing our credit card points. Those rewards we get from our purchases might be useful in getting what we need.


We all know food is a necessity but not so when we’re stuck with processed foods because it’s cheaper. We know that the quality of food we eat affects our health. And where quality suffers, our health will likely suffer. That means more bills. So the idea here is to pick the kind of food we purchase carefully. Oh yes, if food at home goes bad that you have to throw it away, it’s also a sign of unnecessary spending.


Technology is changing at a fast pace that what’s considered hot right now is a leftover tomorrow. And thanks to advertising; we unknowingly fall for gadgets that offer cooler features. But did we stop once to think how many of these features are being used regularly? And do we monitor out data usage to ensure we don’t pay more than what we signed up for?

Home Repair

Only make the home repair that are really needed

Only make the home repairs that are really needed

We all want our love nest to reflect the kind of individuals we are. But we also know that it means spending money. M.C. Hammer lost millions trying to customize his mansion. While we might not afford to lose more than that, unnecessarily taking a part of our house down for a remodeling job entails spending. Allowing things to outlive their usefulness has always been the norm for the thrifty.

We haven’t even mentioned clothing, jewelry, cars, subscriptions, travels, and the most classic of them all: vices. We know those as “wants” so it should follow that we limit ourselves to purchasing fancy materials. As smart shoppers, we know better than to let our wants get the better off of us. Once that happens, we can start balancing our ledgers to our surprise, dismay, or regret.

The Books An Entrepreneur Cannot Afford To Miss

Define yourself as an entrepreneur

Define yourself as an entrepreneur

Are you all set to get going with your new startup launch? It’s a great idea to run your own business and you may soon start learning that owning, running, sustaining and making a business successful is somehow not the result of the books you read in your school or the lectures you attended in your MBA classes. Business is beyond the realms of textbooks. Perhaps business is the only level field where everyone has the equal shot at success, be it traditionally educated or illiterate, rich or poor. Who can run a business successfully and become rich is a very vague question and perhaps there is no answer to it. If you really want to know what it takes to become successful, you must get into the minds of the people who have already walked the path. Here are the five books all entrepreneurs should read.

The Fire Starter Sessions

Authored by Danielle LaPorte, this is one book you cannot miss reading if you are a budding businessman. And don’t stop yourself if you feel the strong urge to reread it again and again. It will help you go a long way with your aspirations. There is nothing LaPorte will teach you in her book, nor will she give you the guidelines or show you the defined path to success. She will only leave you inspired.

The $100 Startup

Entrepreneurs start small and get big

Entrepreneurs start up small and get big

Written by Chris Guillebeau, the book tells you how your dreams are not tied to the money in your pocket or bank account. He tells you how you should find what you love doing and make it profitable. He will inspire you with the stories of the successful people, living or dead, who made it big starting small. He talks about how customers need no more be categorized by their age, sex or race. It is the values that you need to keep in mind which will compel them into buying.


This book tells you about how to take care of your customers and Guy Kawasaki has made it look so easy. The book intrudes into the customers’ mind and tells you what they are looking for in terms of service and value. He divides people into two categories – eaters and bakers. While eaters are always looking for the biggest slice of the pie; bakers are looking for ways to make a bigger pie.

The Go Giver

Bob Burg, the writer of this book talks about the paradigm shift in the way we approach success. While less successful people are looking for ways to get more out of people, highly successful people ensure they are able to give away as much as they can in value than they take in return as money. It talks about how adding value to people’s life is the only way to become incredibly successful.

Think and Grow Rich

The book, written by Napoleon Hill, talks about how thinking affects the results you are seeking. It says that thoughts are manifested as realities and the only way to achieve what you want is by thinking right. It is based on the premise that what you think is what you get and you are in complete control of the things happening to you.

Build your self-confidence to become a successful entrepreneur

Build your self-confidence to become a successful entrepreneur

These books may not necessarily give you a roadmap to success but they inspire you to find your own path and believe in your abilities.